Staying Safe At Work

Staying Safe At Work

  • Using Chiropractic Therapy To Manage Stubborn Bunions

    Bunions are a painful, persistent problem that can haunt you with every step, but you don't need to live in agony on a daily basis. If you choose not to have your bunions corrected surgically due to personal or financial reasons, or if your surgery was not as effective as hoped, there are still treatments available that can minimize your bunions and the pain they cause. Chiropractic therapy is one popular form of treatment for bunions, and it has been shown to have a measurable impact on the pain they cause.

  • How To Avoid Spinal Injuries From Crossfit Exercise

    CrossFit is an exciting exercise program that uses simple, functional movements to help build core strength, boost stamina, and increase your power and speed. However, the intensity of this program has brought it under fire, especially after one CrossFit athlete suffered a severe spinal injury. Avoiding serious spinal injuries when participating in CrossFit requires carefully following your trainer's suggestions and visiting a chiropractor. Serious Spinal Injuries Have Happened With CrossFit

  • How To Find Relief For Headaches And Pain In Your Occipital Muscles

    If you experience a lot of headaches and pain in the back of your head, these problems might be due to issues with your occipital muscles. The occipital muscles are located on the back of your skull and can leave you with these symptoms if they are strained, inflamed, or triggered. Here are several things to know about pain and headaches in this area of your head. What Are The Occipital Muscles?

  • 2 Benefits Provided By Drug Testing

    Drug testing services are one of the most useful tools that any business owner or manager can take advantage of, mostly because it can provide you with a long list of benefits. Drug testing can be utilized to screen current employees in order to catch potential issues or as a way to sift through applicants to ensure that you do not get a current drug user on your staff. Listed below are two benefits provided by drug testing.

  • 4 Important Pressure Points To Alleviate Pain

    If you ever find yourself in a considerable amount of pain after a long day of work, school, or simply working out, then you might want to consider visiting the services of a massage therapist. Among the ways that he or she can relieve that tension in your muscles is hitting certain pressure points, which are known to alleviate pain that circulates through your body. Here are just a few of the most important ones.

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    Staying Safe At Work

    After I started working at my dad's lumber yard, I realized that some of my lifting habits were hurting my back. I realized that I couldn't stand up straight without wincing a little bit, so I decided to talk with a chiropractor about the issue. The professional carefully evaluated my condition and told me that I needed to focus on healthier back habits. I was able to learn how to stay safe at work by wearing a back brace and focusing on my posture. I want you to avoid debilitating back pain, which is one of the reasons I made this blog.